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Such projects are always hunted
We help clients find the real "trophies" of the market
Profitability of previous closed transactions ranged from 43% to 134% per annum. Thanks to our expertise
How we are working?
We work with a group of regular investors and can buy floors. Therefore we have priority access to the best developer lots on exclusive terms. Before the start of sales. You choose: buy one unit or the whole floor.


You won’t find such lots on the market by yourself.


Whatever scenario you choose — for living or investing — you are making a good investment. For any period.


We are 100% in the customer’s request. We accompany you at the stage of both the purchase and the exit from the transaction. We will help you sell at the right time and at the best price in order to earn the maximum.


The Dubai market is still very far from a bubble. Right now, there are plenty of opportunities to jump on that slow train and maximize your returns.


How many years you need to rent out an apartment of 60 sq.m. to recoup its cost
Source: UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index 2022
* Range of uncertainty due to different data quality
current value
index 2012
Sharing cases
We ourselves have gone through the full path of the investor: from the purchase to the sale of an investment object. The profitability of the deals we closed ranged from 43% to 134% per annum.
We show our real numbers on the example of unit 201 in the MERAAS Central park project
We entered the project by paying 10% of the cost on December 7, 2021 — 133.000 AED.
Further, according to the payment schedule, we paid 133.000 AED on March 15, 2022 and August 15, 2022. In total, we invested 399.000 AED.
On October 21, 2022, we sold this unit, having received 612.000 AED from the buyer. This is the amount after deducting agency commissions and other costs associated with the sale.
But we didn’t deposit the amount of 399.000 AED immediately, but in three equal installments over 8 months. Therefore, when recalculated, taking into account annual interest, the yield increased to 108.74%.
Direct income was 53%.
For each client, we make calculations for several investment scenarios: resale, rent, capital increase.
To find out about the lots available today and get calculations for them, leave a request.
Purchase for life
If you’re buying property for yourself, it is important to know a number of nuances about local life. We help not only with the purchase, but also with adaptation in the emirate. From private experience we know where it is more comfortable to live with a family in Dubai, which locations are preferred by business people, which ones — by free youth.
We accompany you at all stages:
meet at the airport
show project locations
avoid mistakes and choose the best object

We will help with legalization in the emirate if you buy housing under construction
What do you need to know about us?
Our task is not to sell, but to do our job well. Therefore, we accompany investors from buying to exiting a deal. And we help home buyers with adaptation and legalization.
We have our own independent analytics. We have access to all transactions of the Dubai Real Estate Department for the last year for each area. We know exactly where to buy and where not.
Colleagues bring their clients to us. Because the best lots are already in our base.
Payment — in any way convenient for you.
We are a licensed agency in Dubai. You are in total financial security.
We guarantee anonymity. No one will know what you bought and for what money.
If you have a buyer, we are ready to share our commission.
We also:
train and introduce you to the intricacies of the Dubai market
provide detailed information on projects
getting to know developers
help in organizing offline and online work
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